Ep 76: Yohimbine’s Insane Productivity and Stimulant Effect

In this podcast, we’ll discuss the mighty interesting nootropic and blood flow compound, Yohimbine.

This compound caught my attention when I learned it was a stimulant, that increased blood flow, and erection quality.

I thought – holy shit. Erection quality AND stimulant effects? Too good to be true. But then, I tried it, and realized (which we’ll discuss in this podcast):

  1. Yohimbine improves my speed of processing and cognitive ability
  2. It makes me a lot more productive than baseline
  3. It improves my mood
  4. It heightens my senses and makes me a lot more alert
  5. It improves my erection quality
  6. It is comparable to L-Tyrosine in its effects, which makes it a great pick me up when necessary.
  7. MORE!!

In this podcast, we’ll discuss DOSE STRATEGY for Yohimbine, for nootropic and productivity benefits.



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