Ep 70: Modafinil, Dopamine, and Motivation

Modafinil is quite the motivation inducing nootropic compound. People use it to increase productive drive, motivation, verbal fluency, the will to work, and for some, taken over the long term, it even helps them to make significant progress in their professional lives.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss a study that points out the Dopamine effects of Modafinil, relate that to productivity and the drive to succeed in life, and talk about a 40 day stint I took taking Modafinil everyday.

Here is one relevant study which describes the increases in extracellular dopamine that take place when taking Modafinil.

Podcast breakdown:

  1. Intro on Modafinil
  2. My experience with Modafinil
  3. Modafinil for motivation
  4. Modafinil increases extracellular dopamine
  5. Depression after taking Modafinil
  6. How I AVOIDED depression after taking Modafinil
  7. A 40 day stint of continuous Modafinil use and my experiences

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