Ep 68: Why your stack is not performing like it use to

Here’s the deal: people have a hard time with cycling nootropics. People look at it entirely from the wrong frame usually.

Folks think that they can consume nootropics the same way they consume Caffeine. And that’s not true.

Caffeine is in every imaginable WAWA or local convenience store, as well as at every gas station in America. But why?

Well.. because it has a few characteristics, beyond its capacity to seemingly give you mental energy. Importantly they are:

  1. The effects reverse pretty soon after administration.
  2. Caffeine, though having a strong effect and withdrawal, doesn’t make all that many permanent changes on the neurotransmitter receptor sites.
  3. Importantly — if you cycle off of Caffeine for a few days, and then cycle back on, there are no major noticeable side effects.

But nootropics are different, in that they make so many changes to neurotransmitter receptor sites and functionality, that they aren’t as reversible as caffeine.

And in this podcast, we’ll explain how if you run into side effects with nootropics at any capacity, it normally requires that you cycle off for a considerable period of time to regulate neurotransmission in a way that… if you cycle back on, you don’t run into those same side effects.


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