EP 59: Can Nootropics Improve Will Power?

Will power. It’s a critically important part of success. In anything. To some degree, you’ll have to rely on parameters you set for yourself purposely: only buy 2 snickers bars. Not 5. Then, you’ll only be able to eat 2, period.

But will power will still play a major role in your decision making. In this podcast, we discuss how Nootropics can give your brain the ability to logic through situations, to establish more will power than usual.

We’ll discuss:

  1. How heavy workouts increase the need for large quantities of calories, macronutrients, and minerals.
  2. How, particularly Racetam nootropics, and other similar cholinergics (like Noopept), can help the brain to slow down mental processes involved in decision making, and exert greater control over them, to make a more ideal decision.
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