Ep 43: Ashwagandha sleep strategy + Gandha with cholinergics

Sleep better. Wake up refreshed. And improve brain performance

Ok! In this podcast, we’ll discuss:

  1. Ashwagandha’s dose range, mechanism of action, and usability.
  2. Using Ashwagandha to induce a calmer onset of sleep.
  3. Using Ashwagandha to facilitate sound continuity of sleep.
  4. Using Ashwagandha to facilitate a calm, level, refreshed WAKE UP.
  5. Combining Ashwagandha with racetams, and other cholinergic nootropic compounds, in specific ratios, to achieve both good brain performance, and stress reduction.
  6. Particular stacks that you can TAKE AWAY right now, to get better sleep, and brain performance.

Ryan —

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