Ep 30: Reader stack: Oxiracetam/Modafinil/CDP Choline

Episode number 30 of the Cortex nootropics podcast covers a solid, powerful reader stack consisting of Modafinil, CDP Choline, and Oxiracetam.

Podcast Layout

  1. Validity on combining Modafinil with Oxiracetam
  2. Specific doses on a powerful Modafinil/Oxiracetam/CDP Choline stack
  3. Ryan’s experiences with Racetams and Modafinil stacked together
  4. Modafinil/Racetam combo MAY be burning up dopamine, or acetylcholine a bit faster than either by themselves
  5. Choline source MAY be necessary for the best effects with Afinil/Racetam combination.

The reader stack discussed

  1. 700MG OXR
  2. 70MG Modafinil
  3. 400MG CDP Choline

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