EP 15: Nootropics in the Corporate Sector

Do you think those c-suite guys AREN’T on Modafinil? They are. And many more. Nootropics have invaded the corporate sector.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss the role (and prevalence) of nootropics in the corporate sector. We’ll hit on:

  1. Why corporate professionals take nootropics
  2. Modafinil in the corporate sector
  3. My experience with nootropics while at work
  4. 6 powerful stacks for brain function in a corporate environment
  5. Nootropics = brain performance = promotion
  6. C-suites, higher ups, and senior level corporate professionals ARE taking nootropics
  7. SBF nootropics digital guide
  8. Cortex nootropic stack in corporate America

Get the Smarter Better Faster nootropics digital book here. Buy the Cortex stack here. 

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