Entrepreneur Or Die Episode 1: How Entrepreneurs Think


Entrepreneurs have a particular style of thinking. It’s disproportionately what helps them to get big things done. 

It’s no secret. Entrepreneurs think differently. They have a particular style of thinking that allows them to get bit things done.

They aren’t limited by the same parameters that “normal people” seem to have. There is no cap on what they think they can do.

Limiting thinking doesn’t apply to entrepreneurs. They actually believe they can do anything, and residing in that camp for 7 years now, attempting to start companies in 2009, and finally succeeding in 2012 and beyond, I recognize that it is this style of thinking that really does underlie achievement.

Through the years, I always got fuel from watching other entrepreneurs talk about the way they think about the world, on the content they put out on the web.

I’d watch videos by guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, and just get PUMPED trying to assimilate the dude’s thinking into my brain.

I have some other favorites too, like Mark Cuban, Eben Pagan, and a few others, that really exemplify the type of thinking that allows a person to get ahead in life. Because really…

Limitations don’t exist

I mean they do, but practically speaking, a good bit of the limitations folks think exists really only exist in their heads.


College is a great example. If you were raised to believe that you need some type of documented validation of your intelligence, like a degree, it’ll be a lot harder for you to assert yourself in life to get what you want.

I never believed that. I dropped out of school in 10th grade, after being expelled, and recognized shortly thereafter, after getting a solid job at a local company as a sales person, and quickly working my way up, that if I could convince interviewers that I was smart enough, and willing to learn, that I could get most of the jobs I applied for.

And that rang true later on in my life. I joined the military in 05, fought in Iraq in 06-08, got out shortly thereafter, and snagged an IT job with a company that did business IT work for many popular law firms in central New Jersey.

I had ZERO IT experience, completely BOMBED the test that was given to me while interviewing for the position, but convinced the owner of the company that I was willing to learn, I could learn, and that my communication skills were stellar.

After about 2 months of shadowing the senior technicians that went around to the various law firms this company had on their customer roster, I basically had learned all I needed to know to be a functional IT specialist within the company; and I proceeded to do so quite effectively.

It was this type of thinking that would set me up for a successful career as an entrepreneur, and in fact, it was right around that time that I started engaging in “side businesses,” to try to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs believe they can do anything. They don’t need validation. They don’t need acceptance. They don’t need a group of their peers to agree with their business idea.

They simply need to trust their own intuition, follow their own advice, and ruthlessly engage the world, hacking every obstacle, until they get what they want.

Theme Rebranding on Cortex – partially

Entrepreneurship is a topic near and dear to my heart. It’s what I live for, and I love talking about it. That and biohacking, which goes hand in hand with Nootropics.

Therefore, moving forward, on the Cortex blog, we’ll be expanding the range of topics to encompass entrepreneurship and biohacking.

And to start it off, I launched a series about entrepreneurship called “Entrepreneur Or Die,” which documents my thinking about entrepreneurship and achievement.

This is the first video of the series!! Hope you guys like it.

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