Definitive Review: PRL-8-53 (research nootropic compound) VIDEO

LLN screenshot of the PRL-8-53 product.

Right off the bat, I want to open with: this is the best memory nootropic I’ve ever taken. I want to set the stage for the explosive blog post I’m about to conduct for this product. Get ready. 

PRL-8-53 is a research compound. It’s been around for quite some time, and people were talking about its nootropic benefits in 2013 on Longecity. But that figures. Those guys are way ahead of everything.

It is categorized as a Hypermnesia compound, which means it has the ability to induce “spontaneous recovery” in memory, while under some negative condition where memory takes a hit.

Weirdly, it was first synthesized in the 1970’s by a medical chemistry professor named Nikolaus Hansl, at a University in Nebraska. Crazy right?

So it’s been around a long time. It’s only come onto the scene as of the last 5 years or so, because nootropics are getting an insanely powerful boost in the realm of popularity. In fact, we are in a nootropics boom.

But before we talk about the effects, and what you can expect, let’s talk about where to get it.

Where to get PRL-8-53

Finding a good, quality, reputable source for any nootropic compound is paramount. It’s critical. You don’t want to be buying research chemicals from some obscure company that hasn’t been doing business for very long.

I came across a company quite some time ago that I liked called Limitless Life Nootropics, that had what seemed to be some pretty insane quality products. I think the first product I ever tried from them was their Noopept Nasal Spray, which was pretty much incredible. 

And I’ve been in contact with their senior guy/founder, Chris Mercer throughout. He made me aware that he had PRL-8-53 in stock, and I had to jump on it quick.

Their official page for PRL can be found here, and can be purchased in 1/2 or 1G quantities. As far as I can tell, this is one of the best places on the web to snag the mighty PRL. There are a few others, like Cerotropic, who is respected.

OK – let’s get to the effects.

My experience with PRL-8-53

First, I should start off by saying: it was awesome. In fact, while writing this blog post, I am still noticing the effects. And the most profound effect for me, with this nootropic, is exactly what everyone else says it is for them, and what it’s traditionally touted as: a profound memory enhancement.

I started off taking 3MG. The usual dose is 5MG. But I start low, consciously, because I think that’s the best way to go. And the first glimmer of nootropic benefit came about an hour later, when I was processing orders for the Cortex nootropic stack that had been placed, and required shipping.

I had about 10 orders to process, and typically I refer to a packing list that tracks how many bottles of Cortex people are getting. This time was different. I actually remembered everyone’s order, from the first glance I took when the orders came through.

I knew:

  1. Johnny X had 2 bottles.
  2. Marissa X had 3
  3. R. Jones had 1
  4. Larry X had 1

Etc. This has never happened to me before. I have a good working memory as it is, but never have I gotten 10 orders on Cortex and remembered exactly who got however many bottles. This was mind blowing to me.

The product did what it was supposed to do, and I was blown away. I noticed the effects for the subsequent 48 hours, just in a mildly descending manner.

I would absolutely use the substance again, when applicable/necessary. This to me, seems like the ultimate test taking nootropic.

Also the best nootropic for doing otherwise cerebral work that requires good functional working memory. This would probably be an epic nootropic to take when undergoing an IQ test.

In the video below, I outline my dose, experience, source, and more!! Watch and SHARE via Twitter, Facebook, or other please.

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