Crashing on Piracetam/Caffeine/Theanine Stack?

–One of my favorite all time nootropic stacks is the simple: Piracetam/Caffeine/Theanine stack. I tend to dose it in the following quantities:

  1. 2G Piracetam
  2. 120MG Caffeine
  3. 200MG Theanine

And every time, it rocks my world. It’s so simple, but yet so effective. With this stack, you’re targeting Acetylcholine receptors/signaling (Piracetam: memory and focus) adenosine functionality (Caffeine: wakefulness), and Dopamine/GABA/Serotonin (L-Theanine: calm focus).

I only dose it once a day, if I’m going to dose it. I don’t double dose it later on. I don’t add in parts of the stack hours after the first dose… or anything squirrelly. It’s pretty straight forward.

But that’s me. Recently, I came across a Nootropics subreddit post where a guy said he dosed the Piracetam/Caffeine/Theanine stack, and ended up CRASHING HARD from it. Coincedence? Weird reaction to Piracetam? Weird reaction to L-Theanine?

Well – if he dosed it one time, and didn’t get into a bit of a complex dose variation, it’d be a lot easier to diagnose. But instead, he did the following:

  1. Dosed 800MG Piracetam, 100MG Caffeine, 200MG Theanine first thing in the morning.
  2. Dosed another identical dose at 11AM. Focus and energy was on point, according to his thread, at this point.
  3. Went on a run in the afternoon.
  4. Dosed 100MG Caffeine/200MG Theanine at 4 or so PM.
  5. Ate dinner

See how that all muddies things up? It’s hard to determine what caused the crash, with all of these variables. But.. a couple theories:

  1. The last dose of Caffeine/Theanine taxed the adrenal glands and induced a fatigue. Caffeine can do this.
  2. That same dose of Caffeine induced a diuretic effect in the user, triggering a release in water, and therefore, sodium. Normally not an issue BUT user went on a RUN earlier that day. How much salt was expended during the run? I know personally, if I’m not careful, I can become sodium deficient (I run and hard charge at the gym daily). I’m operating off of actual blood tests demonstrating low sodium. — All of this could play a role.
  3. A cholinergic mismatch could have been present. With racetams, and nootropics in general, you’ve really got to be careful on your racetam/choline ratio. It isn’t the same for everyone, but generally, something like: 800MG Piracetam/300MG Choline bitartrate probably would have been good for this user.

But if he did something else like either NOT take a choline source (not specified in his post), or take high dose Alpha GPC or CDP Choline, that could EASILY cause some sort of cholinergic mismatch, and subsequent crash. User did not specify choline source or quantity. How is anyone to know?

In the video, we’ll discuss this situation in detail, and give possible reasons this could be happening. I’ll give my perspective on all of the variables to help give an educational view of this particular stack, nootropics in general, and situations in which racetams are involved.

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