Cortex Nootropics Podcast #12: The Mighty Modafinil


In this episode of the Cortex Nootropics podcast, we’ll talk about the Mighty Modafinil! People have asked me (Ryan) about my doses, experiences, and suggestions on taking Modafinil, so I’ve laid it all out on this podcast.

Here is the layout of the episode:

  1. What is my Modafinil dosage?
  2. What should your dosage be?
  3. How fast does Modafinil start working?
  4. How long does Modafinil last?
  5. Should I stack Modafinil with Caffeine?
  6. How do I prevent anxiety when taking Modafinil?
  7. What is the best productivity application for Modafinil?
  8. Can I take Modafinil everyday?


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