Can you take Aniracetam everyday? (or racetams in general)

The question of can you take nootropics everyday seems to run rampant in the nootropics sphere. We get this question all of the time with the clients from our nootropics consulting service. It usually goes:

  1. A person starts to take nootropics
  2. They get really into them, and start benefitting from them
  3. They start to realize how much better life is (and how more productive they are) when they take nootropics, and thus..
  4. They wish to take them everyday


The problem with that is simply: nootropics are not like coffee. It’s not like you can make a small modification to a neurotransmitter system that affects tiredness (like Adenosine, in the case of Coffee), with nootropics.

Coffee’s effect is quickly reversible. Nootropics’ aren’t. You see – there’s all manner of speeding up of the brain’s processes that takes place with nootropics, and racetams particularly, that if kept up, will eventually lead to tolerance and side effect issues.

That is why, in Smarter Better Faster, our book on nootropics, we specifically suggest cycling protocols on all nootropics.

It’s just that important. Bet let’s enter the main question of this post..

Can I take Aniracetam everyday?

The answer, as you might imagine, is no. Not everyday of your life. And in this video, we’ll break down exactly why that is, and what you should do, to have rocking brain performance in between taking Aniracetam. The primary points discussed are:

  1. Nootropics should be cycled
  2. The most optimal nootropics cycling strategy
  3. Piracetam and Aniracetam, if any racetams, are BETTER to take more consistently than others
  4. Non-neurotransmitter modifying nootropics are the best nootropics to take everyday.

Can you take Aniracetam everyday? from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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