Bad experience with nootropics? You’re probably doing it wrong.

I’ll start off by saying this: the number one reason people run into problems with nootropics is: they’re not following instructions. They’re:

  1. Taking far too high doses of racetams
  2. Taking far too high doses of choline sources
  3. Not taking enough of a particular nootropic
  4. Taking a bunch of other interfering supplements/compounds with their nootropics
  5. Not taking the necessary cofactors
  6. Have some underlying health issue (mostly related to metabolism)
  7. And the like.


You see – as we lay out in Smarter Better Faster (our book on nootropics), there is a surgical way to take nootropics. A way that almost guarantees you’ll get the effects you’re looking for.

A way that prevents side effects, and promotes sustainability and nootropic benefits. But if you don’t take nootropics in this way, you’re bound to run into negative results.

There’s a famous article on the web, on Self Hacked, that compiles a bunch of different negative experiences on nootropics, written by users who primarily experimented with Piracetam.

But as you’ll see in this video, and if you read the article, most of the bad experiences have to do with the 6 things I laid out above: cofactors, attack doses, choline sources, and related things.

The bottom line is: nootropics are NOT like coffee. You don’t just drink a cup.. or take a dose, and boom, you have energy/brain function. No.

They actually require conscious thought and strategy. They require you dose things particularly. They require strategic formulation of the stacks you’re taking, to get the best effects. ENJOY the video!!

60 bad nootropics stories DEBUNKED from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

60 bad nootropics stories DEBUNKED from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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