An insanely easy sublingual Oxiracetam nootropic protocol

Sublingual is just easy. You throw it down, let it sit, and you’re on your way to brain performance

First thing’s first, a primer on sublingual dosing, from the Noopept Pro Stack List:

“Sublingual dosing merely refers to taking a particular compound under your tongue, and letting it dissolve rapidly into your bloodstream. This administration method allows the compound to onset faster, and to land in a higher concentration in your system, thus improving the efficacy. Sublingually dosing nootropics, and Noopept (and in this case, Oxiracetam) specifically, is a powerful way to get the compound working quickly, effectively, and in high concentration in your system. Allowing the compound to dissolve into the veins under your tongue, puts the nootropic in question.”

So that’s sublingual dosing. It’s really quite convenient. It allows one to quickly get the effects of a particular nootropic compound, without having to capsule it and swallow it with water. 

Typically, I just suggest folks spit the compound/powder out, after the necessary 5 minute mark. Yes! The 5 minute mark! I suggest folks hold the nootropic powder under their tongue for at least 5 minutes, after which the choice can be made to either swallow the powder, or just get rid of it. Swallowing it really isn’t necessary at this point, because it’s already absorbed into your blood stream via veins under your tongue. 

A quick sublingual Oxiracetam nootropic strategy

  • 200MG sublingual Oxiracetam, every hour, until 600MG is reached
  • Optional choline source if you require it: some folks will require CDP Choline, Choline Bitartrate, or Alpha GPC to supply the brain with enough usable acetylcholine. Racetams force the brain to use the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, so for SOME PEOPLE (not all), best practice is to supply choline to the mix. Read about the Racetam/Choline condition in Smarter Better Faster
  • That’s it! Just wanted to add another bulletpoint for this. 

I found myself in a meeting in south Jersey a few weeks back, within which I had to have solid brain fluidity, working memory, and verbal fluency. 

I executed this strategy and was good to go within minutes. That’s utility, and that’s what’s so useful about this protocol. 

But will it be effective for me? 

For the most part, yes. Of course, there are “nootropics power users” (VIDEO ON THAT HERE) who require considerable doses of mainstream racetams to achieve desired results, but I’ve come to find that they reside in the minority of users. 

And frankly, a sublingual dose of OXR is quite powerful. It’ll start working on AMPA and acetylcholine signaling straight away, and is a great, quick, useful strategy to get good brain performance in a pinch. Or in any situation!! 

Watch the video below where we discuss this strategy in depth, and for more highly effective nootropics protocols, specifically on racetams, snag the Racetam God Guide. It’s digital and you’ll have it downloaded to your device in under a minute. 

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