A strong Phenylpiracetam/Aniracetam/Triacetyluridine Nootropic Stack

Some stacks are strong. Others are super strong. And others.. are.. well.. Modafinil level strong. One of the things we like to hit home across all of our content, whether on the YouTube channel, or here on the blog, is the necessity to have many different stacks in your arsenal, to reach a Modafinil like state.

The number 1 reason why that’s critical is simply the necessity to cycle between stacks. You don’t want to be taking Modafinil everyday, in my opinion, or any other stack for that matter. You’ve got to have the optionality to cycle between different compounds/stacks.

It’s one of the major benefits of our nootropics books, like The Racetam God Guide, or the Nootropic Stacks for the Business Professional. In those books (both of which are digital), we lay out a number of different stacks that are either comparable to Modafinil, or dare I say, stronger!

That’s the whole point: have a number of powerful stacks to toggle between, so you don’t get dependent on a particular stack. And in this video, we break down a stack from the “Beginner’s Guide to Aniracetam,” which lays out how to properly combine Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Triacetyluridine, CDP Choline, and a B complex.

I’ll give you the stack below, but watch the video to get the explanation:

  1. 1000MG Aniracetam
  2. 75mG Triacetyluridine
  3. 50MG Phenylpiracetam
  4. 150MG CDP Choline
  5. B Complex


The basic gist of this stack is that it’s a strong working memory, motivation, and mental energy stack. Triacetyluridine on its own, especially in 75MG quantities, is powerful in and of itself. It’s highly motivating (if you respond well to it), induces mental energy, and gives the user a feeling that their whole brain is turning on.

The best part? TAU (Triacetyluridine’s shortname) lasts quite a long time. Typically 3-6 hours. This stack will turn on brain performance for quite some time, and is best applied to a rigorous session of productivity. But I mean: it’s useful elsewhere too. It can be taken solely for a lot of mental energy. It can be taken as a pre-workout. And it can even be taken as a dating enhancement/social interaction stack.

Enjoy the video!


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