A Great Nootropic Stack In Between Subtle and Intense


Sometimes, we don’t want nootropic stacks to blow us completely out of the water. We don’t want thee most intense brain function known to man to go out and engage in our normal daily lives.

But then again, we also don’t want something too subtle. We need just the right amount of kick from a nootropic stack, and the stack I want to talk about below has that. Here’s the stack:

  1. 100MG Alpha GPC
  2. 300MG ALCAR
  3. 80-120MG Caffeine
  4. 300MG L-Theanine

Now – this is an extremely simple stack, but if you take notice, you’ll see that the caffeine/theanine stack is implicit in this combo. I’ve also come to really enjoy the synergy between Alpha GPC and ALCAR. Putting them together has just been wonderful for me. This, in addition to a few other stacks (Cortex by itself, Oxiracetam + Choline bitartrate, others) is a wonderful everyday stack.

It’s a stack you can take daily, and for most people, it will onset and last quite long, and be totally sustainable. In this video, we talk about some of the mechanisms behind this stack, and why it works so well. We’ll discuss how it effects me, and how it might effect you.

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