8 Nootropic Stacks for Epic Productivity

Image courtesy of Matheus Almeida, on Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Matheus Almeida, on Flickr.com

A great bit of the reason the people take nootropics is to facilitate productivity. It’s to get cerebral work done, to sit down and focus for long periods of time, and to have the speed of processing and mental capacity to be productive.

It’s no secret that this is the reason many silicon valley entrepreneurs, executives from all around the world, and productive corporate ladder climbers are taking nootropics.

People want to be able to crank out that extra 4 hours of work. We all have deadlines. We all have things that need to be done, and for some, the right nootropic stack can make all the difference.

I’ve been in many situations where I’ve used various nootropic compounds to accelerate my productivity around a given set of tasks.

I’ve taken an Oxiracetam/choline combo because my mental energy and brain was sputtering on empty, from an impaired sleep session the night before.

I’ve (admittedly) woken up with a horrible hangover induced brain fog, and taken Cortex to get out of it. 30 minutes later, I was above my normal baseline, neurologically.

And there are tons of other examples where people take nootropics to facilitate productivity.

The bottom line is, they work. They work on neurotransmitter functionality, in a way that typically speeds up certain processes of the brain, or makes them work more efficiently.

Smart drugs like Racetams (Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Piracetam), increase the usage of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, in specific regions of the brain like the hippocampus.

Natural nootropic stacks like Cortex, facilitate the optimal functioning of dopamine and acetylcholine, as well as improve mental energy, processing speed, and working memory.

And nootropics like L-theanine, help the frontal lobes of the brain to relax just enough to get a good clean focus out of it.

Below, I’d like to lay out some great nootropic stacks to facilitate productivity. Bear in mind, that your mileage will vary. ENJOY!!

  1. Racetam/Choline stack. This stack is one of the most popular (and well tolerated) nootropic stacks there is. It combines one of the “racetam” smart drugs, and a synthetic nutritional precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. There are many different combinations you could engage here, such as: Aniracetam/CDP Choline, Oxiracetam/Choline bitartrate, Piracetam/Alpha GPC, and more. Doses will vary, but generally, with Aniracetam and Oxiracetam, I’d start off at 700MG of the racetam, 200MG of Choline bitartrate.
  2. The Cortex nootropic stack. This stack is a stack we built, specifically with productivity in mind. It combines Uridine monophosphate and CDP Choline for a synergistically powerful effect, that gets users in the mode to work. The “honing in” that Cortex gives you is like no other nootropic that exists. It puts your brain into GO MODE, and rather quickly.
  3. Artichoke Extract/Shankhpushpi. Shankhpushpi is one of my best known secrets about the nootropics world. People don’t often reference it anywhere, and I don’t hear folks talking about it. I experimented with it about a year ago initially, while I was formulating Cortex, and it was quite interesting. Combine 500MG of Artichoke Extract, which has been known to promote focus through inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down cAMP, and 500MG of Shankhpushpi to get a great working memory and focus effect.
  4. ALCAR (300MG)/Caffeine (120MG)/Theanine(300MG). This is a stack I’m surprised doesn’t get more attention. Simply put, it’s marvelous. It’ll give you the brain energy you need to get things done, with a great amplification of your speed of mental processing. ALCAR facilitates the usage of fatty acids in the mitochondria of brain cells. It has an extremely energizing effect, and stacks amazingly with caffeine and theanine. Theanine works to calm the brain down, from the potential over stimulation that caffeine might bring to the table. Overall, this stack is quite balanced, and provides a great brain function for productivity.
  5. Uridine(150MG)/ALCAR(300MG). These two compounds synergize nicely. When I take exclusively this combination, I always end up in a super clear mode. It just clears my brain up really quickly, and makes me feel a lot lighter on my feet. This stack is particularly useful for verbal fluency, and working memory. This is a great stack to take if you’re about to sit down and engage in some reading.
  6. Noopept(13MG)/Choline bitartrate(300MG). Doses vary, and Noopept is generally pretty variable for most people, but if you can manage to get it to work well for you, perhaps by nailing down the appropriate choline intake you need to help it do its job, it can be incredibly helpful. Noopept gives me a strong desire to get work done, and like the Uridine/ALCAR stack, really kick starts my desire to do some reading. If I need to comprehend a long research article, Noopept is a game changer.
  7. Triacetyluridine(30MG)/CDP Choline(75MG). This is an interesting stack, and provides similar effects to the Cortex blend. Triacetyluridine is a slightly more potent version of Uridine monophosphate, and requires much less intake to get the job done. Combining Uridine with a choline source provides the brain with the raw materials it needs to make a fatty substance called Phosphatidylcholine, which is involved in membrane fluidity. This combination has always put me in a creatively productive state, and I believe it’s due to the working memory benefits of Triacetyluridine.
  8. Adrafinil(300MG)/L-Theanine(300MG). Adrafinil acts as a precursor to Modafinil, one of the most powerful smart drug compounds there is. Adrafinil facilitates a profound level of wakefulness. It’s quite astounding, and I’ve used Adrafinil on a few occasions to really crank up my productive output. Taking it with a bit of L-Theanine will help curve a bit of the known anxiety that comes with the “afinil” smart drugs in general, adding a certain sense of focused calm to the mix. Out of all of the stacks mentioned here, this will be the most powerful for some people, and will certainly facilitate mental output and productivity.

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