4 Simple nootropic stacks that WORK

Sometimes, and especially when it comes to nootropics, simple is just better. There’s a case and time for complex stacks, like the ones we lay out in say… the Nootropic stacks for the business professional digital guide. Stacks like this one:

  1. 700MG Aniracetam
  2. 5MG Coluracetam
  3. 5MG Noopept
  4. 100MG Centrophenoxine
  5. 50MG Theacrine
  6. 300MG ALCAR
  7. B Complex
  8. 200MG Alpha GPC

But – a stack like that is designed for sustained focus and working memory, with background hints of mental energy and speed of processing. We institute a very particular dose strategy with that stack, that uses 1 major compound as a base (Aniracetam), in regular doses, and then medium to low doses everything else.

And sometimes, you just need a pick me up. A get up and go. A simple, but yet effective nootropic stack that turns the lights on, and gets you in gear. I like those stacks. They’re usually 2-4 compounds, and include ingredients that pack a powerful punch.

The best way to formulate these types of stacks is to start with something that induces a strong degree of wakefulness and mental energy, and use IT as the primary functional component of the stack. Then, you can simple medium or low dose additionally synergistic strong compounds, that will give you the kick you need, without getting into the 5-10 compound stack arena.

Examples of some powerful base nootropics to use in simple stacks: 

  1. Phenylpiracetam
  2. Oxiracetam
  3. Noopept
  4. Modafinil
  5. Uridine monophosphate
  6. L-Tyrosine
  7. Theacrine
  8. ALCAR

These are all profoundly strong compounds by themselves. They’re not some sort of add on, that has an effect, but isn’t that strong (like Vinpocetine, as an example). They’re killers all around, and provide a strong kick even if they were to be taken by themselves (or with necessary co-factors, as is the case with Oxiracetam (main) and Alpha GPC (co-factor – choline source).

In this video, I break down 4 simple stacks that you can take right now, that turn on brain function. They use this methodology of taking a powerful compound, and using it as the primary force of the stack, and then either squeezing in a necessary co-factor, or bringing in a synergistic additional compound to maximize the nootropic benefits of the stack.

Reasons you need simple stacks like this

  1. Traveling – no one wants to pull out the scale and sit there weighing out complex stacks while on the road or at a hotel.
  2. Needing brain performance in pinch. Ever wanted to turn on verbal fluency at a business conference, or in some situation at work, in a pinch? Throwing down a simple stack, that hopefully you’ve pre-capped OR you have pre-made caps for, is a useful strategy.
  3. Beginners to nootropics – In the beginning (2-6 months), you really want to feel out how you respond to simple stacks. You need to identify how you’re responding to individual compounds first, before you go crazy taking 10 compound stacks. Precision is the ONLY way to go when it comes to nootropics, and for most new folks to the area, simple stacks are best off the bat.

And that’s that. Simple stacks are simple. They’re great for convenience, and even greater for new folks to nootropics. Believe it or not, after 9 years of taking nootropics, I still frequently take simple stacks. I love the whole idea of minimalism w/ nootropics…. SOMETIMES.

Ok – below are the stacks we lay out in the video. Watch the video to get the explanations of the stacks, and more powerful, useful, nootropics information.

4 simple nootropic stacks that work

  1. STACK #1: 350Mg ALCAR/125MG Theacrine
  2. STACK #2: 5MG Noopept/70MG CDP Choline/B Complex
  3. STACK #3: 100MG Uridine monophosphate/B complex/1 cup coffee
  4. STACK #4: 100MG Theacrine/100MG Phenylpiracetam/300MG Choline Bitartrate


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