#13: Encouraging Biohacking Exploration to Cure Ailments (when medical can’t)

When the medical system fails you, biohacking may be your only option. 

In this podcast we’ll discuss several things, but the predominant message I want to get across is that while the medical establishment is very useful, for diagnostic work and helping minimize symptoms, they tend to discourage people from looking outside of their system to find solutions. And this is a huge injustice to the health of millions of people across the world, and especially in America.

We’ll discuss:

  1. How a friend of mine has been dealing with an ongoing health problem, that the medical establishment has not been able to fix.
  2. How he is getting more relief in the last two weeks than he has in four years having the disease/symptoms.
  3. How he’s using a natural biofilm buster and antibiotic to claw at the underlying problem.
  4. How he might be releasing lipopolysaccharides into his bloodstream via bad bacteria in his gut, and how this natural antibiotic is killing the bacteria and cleaning up toxins in his blood.
  5. I want to encourage people to not take no for an answer when the medical establishment tells you there isn’t a “cure” to your particular ailment.
  6. Finding root causes to problems and fixing them is a major part of biohacking.

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