10 + Nootropics that gave me side effects (and why)

And I think you’ll be surprised. Because they’re all the GOOD ones.

Ok – so let’s start off with the question: do nootropics have side effects? Answer: yes

Alright! Cleared that right up didn’t we? Indeed. Moving on. But wait! Yes? Nootropics have side effects? 

Absolutely they do, and I think the best way to look at this is to identify WHAT ELSE we do in our daily lives, that have side effects, and then circle back to nootropics. Like: 

  1. Coffee has side effects. We all drink that, and recognize that the higher we go on the intake scale, the more the likelihood for side effects is. Anxiety, overstimulation, crashes, and more, are routine for high dose Caffeine. So how does one avoid these side effects? They stick to a very particular dose, that they’ve come to learn over time, works best for them. 
  2. Alcohol has side effects. BAD SIDE EFFECTS. TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. VIOLENT SIDE EFFECTS. You getting the picture? Drink too much, you’re hungover… poisoned by the toxic burden the substance and its byproducts have on your liver. Throw too many down.. and you’re in a primitive state where you’re more likely to get into a fight. Drive with lots of alcohol in your system? You could kill another human being. Yea: side effects. So – how does one avoid side effects with alcohol? They stick to a very particular dose, that they’ve come to learn over time, works best for them. 
  3. Running too hard has side effects. I’m a 10 year runner, and I am ENAMORED with the act of running. I run in the morning for a mile or two, and sometime before 6PM a few more miles. It’s a necessary part of my brain performance and detox routine. But TOO MUCH RUNNING COMES WITH SIDE EFFECTS. Like: anxiety, way too big of an appetite and thus, overeating, trouble sleeping, joint pain, and more. So how do I avoid these? I stick to a very particular dose of running. 

Did you see the sentence we, in one way shape or form threw in that as the SOLUTION to the side effects to all of those normal things? It was: stick to a very particular dose


  1. ANIRACETAM – I’ve taken 1500 +MG of ANR and it made me way TOO fast. I couldn’t focus. I had to essentially just multi-task. Also – when I reach the 2G range, I have a difficult time sleeping, and get basically terrible sleep. Either over-stimulation of acetylcholine or something to do with AMPA receptors. 
  2. OXIRACETAM/COLURACETAM – Both of these, in higher doses than my norm (1000MG/5-10MG respectively), have given me a strange tightness sensation in my throat and shoulders. More than likely, I’ve got too much acetylcholine firing, causing some degree of muscle tightness. Neurotransmitters like acetylcholine are everywhere, and are not exclusive to the brain. 
  3. PHENYLPIRACETAM – In doses above 175MG, this stuff basically makes me angry and over-stimulated. Now – DON’T GET ME WRONG, ONLOOKERS: I LOVE PHENYLPIRACETAM, and a lot of these smart drugs. But too much is too much, and I cross over a threshold where it’s not optimal anymore, after 175MG. 
  4. MODAFINIL – Well – this isn’t entirely abnormal. Lots of people get side effects fromModafinil. It’s typical enough. Modafinil promotes wakefulness in a way that COULD over-stimulate you, sending you into a mild anxiety mode. I’ve been borderline panic attack with HIGHER DOSES of Modafinil, in the 150MG + range. And that’s why, again, back to the main point: you have to stick to your perfect dose. 
  5. L-TYROSINE – Tyrosine is a precursor to the fight or flight neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine. So – while for some, this will trigger alertness and good mental functionality, for those same people and others, TOO HIGH OF A DOSE will trigger full blown anxiety. That has happened to me in doses higher than 500MG, taken for consecutive days without cycling. I now stick with a 200-400MG dose range and find Tyrosine EPICALLY useful. We lay out a very powerful way to use Tyrosine in Smarter Better Faster, our digital nootropics guide (BUY IT HERE – IT’S DIGITAL).
  6.  ALPHA GPC – AGPC, when taken in higher doses, makes me tired, lethargic, depressed, and sullen. It’s quite a remarkably terrible feeling. I require UBER LOW DOSES of this stuff for optimal brain function. I’m in the 75MG dose range. 150MG +, by itself, and I start running into side effects. 
  7. CDP CHOLINE – CDP, while epically powerful (and one of the supporting nootropics in our STRONG NOOTROPIC STACK Cortex), it has a long half life and can be taken in too high of quantities. 200 + MG of CDP Choline at a time, and I find myself foggy, unable to use my working memory very well, and basically.. SLEEPY. If I stay between 75-100MG, I’m golden, with great brain function, and a nice stimulatory, motivating effect. 
  8. L-THEANINE – My normal dose range is 500-1000MG, and I’ve had to go up to 1500MG before when really dealing with anxiety issues. But, any more than 2G of L-Theanine, and I feel totally spacey, tired, and un-emotional. It’s really quite ODD. I stick with my dose range and get great benefits from it within that range. 
  9. NOOPEPT NASAL SPRAY – Man this stuff is powerful, but too many sprays, and side effects are sure to follow. For me, 3 + sprays makes me profoundly foggy, while calm. A CALM BRAIN FOG. Haha. Calm, but not good. I can’t think, can’t process, and need to just sit. 1 spray of Nasal Noopept, and I’m IN, wired in, and focused. 
  10. ALCAR – Acetyl-L-Carnitine is one of my favorite nootropics to date. It’s stimulatory and functional. But taken past my dose range if 300-500MG, it can lead to an overstimulated anxiety feeling, that isn’t particularly fun. So – I stick with 300-500MG, and I’m usually rocking, with good verbal fluency, and epic speed of processing. 

Ok! We’ll discuss some of these and more AT LENGTH in this video, but I just wanted to give you an overview. Hope this has been helpful and remember: THE DOSE IS EVERYTHING

Ryan —

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