We'll work with you to achieve 90+ % symptom resolution, and we WON'T STOP until we do

PSSD Biohacking Service

$ 399
Month ($699 sign up fee)
  • Directed Lab work
  • Fact finding
  • Document generation
  • Multiple protocol formulation
  • Unlimited correspondence
  • Neuro-chemical restoration
  • Testosterone enhancement
  • Gonadotropin signaling restoration
  • Estrogen/Prolactin control
  • Erection quality resolution
  • Sensation restoration
  • Libido restoration

PSSD Recovery program details

Fact Finding Call

Right away, upon booking, we’ll schedule a fact finding call (1-3 days after booking), in which Ryan, our head consultant, will prod and inquire about the specifics of your case, to understand the overall template of YOUR specific PSSD. 



Document Generation

Immediately after the fact finding call, we’ll generate an advanced online document, that will be used to track progress, and store your protocol information.

Tailored, phased protocols

We will hit the ground running with protocols BOTH aimed at resolving the neuro-chemical deficiencies that are driving your PSSD, and repairing the hormonal pathways and neuro-steroid function at the root of PSSD. 

Natural and Non-natural Protocols

Look. PSSD is no joke, and the condition generally stays the same or gets worse. So, we’ve got to get as aggressive as we can, in reversing the condition. In doing so, we will be engaging natural (supplement based) and non-natural, targeted strategies to resolve your PSSD, and get you functioning sexually, and cognitively, back to normal. 

Results depend on compliance

Ryan speaking, here. There are certain men I will NOT work with. Those that believe they know the underlying chemistry issues that cause PSSD, those that AREN’T ready to give up control completely to a specialist, and those, generally with a negative attitude toward recovering. I need you fully on board, confident about the process, and ready to comply w/ the protocol and suggestions put forth in the program. Your recovery depends on it. 

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery is not straight forward with PSSD. The condition itself is characterized by the entry and exiting of windows, throughout. In recovery, however, once the gears are in motion, symptoms generally get better, slowly, over time. In some cases, we’ve had full remission in 4 months, and in others, it has taken an entire year. With PSSD, patience, execution, compliance, and confidence that you WILL get better are the building blocks to a successful program.

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PSSD Biohacking / Recovery Service
Price: $399.00 / month and a $699.00 sign-up fee
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