Cortex Nootropic Stack

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If you're looking for a Nootropic stack that just turns on brain function in a powerfully noticeable way, you've got to try Cortex
Jeremy Strane
Nootropics user and web designer

FEEL YOUR BRAIN turn on within 25 minutes of dosing.

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Uridine Monophosphate

Dubbed a "super nootropic" in and of itself, Uridine is the powerful hitter in the Cortex stack. Enhancing deep focus, high level motivation, strong mental energy and working memory, Uridine is the emporer of brain performance enhancement.

Artichoke Extract

Energy is king in a nootropic stack, and artichoke extact is a powerful cAMP facilitator, helping energy production and signaling among neurons in the brain.

Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine

The strongest and most potent choline source on the planet, "CDP" choline delivers strong motivation, focus, and memory, and forms a strong synergy with Uridine monophosphate for the target of neurogenesis.

Bacopa Monnieri

Clinically proven to help extend the length and function of axons and dendrites, allowing neurotransmitters to fire with ease, and regulating Serotonin flow by up-regulating the SERT, Bacopa plays a powerful role in making Cortex the perfect stack.


Cortex gets me through the day, and then some! I swear it lasts like 8 hours for me. I'm focused, motivated, energized, and ready to tackle my work and home life. You guys built an incredible stack!
Jenn Mason
Entrepreneur and Mom
I run a software company from 9AM until about 6PM. And the energy and focus I need to do this successfully is a TON, to say the least. Cortex gives me this insane dialed in feeling, with energy and focus accents that make this stack a total beast.
Michael Manninger
SEO Specialist
All I can say is Cortex gives me strong mental energy to muscle throughout my day. I also notice my verbal fluency is through the roof, and on this stuff, I have high levels of motivation. Replaced my energy drink and then some! Love Cortex!
James Kidman
As an avid nootropics user, this stack hits home for me. Perfect balance between mental energy, motivation, and stimulation. The bonus is the verbal fluency. Great stack, ya'll!
Ben Laney
Nootropics enthusiast
I wake up early and get at it to run my company all day, and Cortex is now a part of my normal routine. I am sharp, energized, motivated, and on point with this stuff. Thank you Ryan for making such a great stack!
Joseph Gardner
Mobile repair specialist
I recently replaced my usage of a well known stimulant with Cortex and WOW! No more side effects, seamless focus and motivation, and continuous flow states throughout the day. Ryan thank you for making this stack man! 10 of 10. I'd give it an 11 if I could.
Ben Raylson
Entrepeneur and Nootropics enthusiast


The best way to take Cortex is either on an empty or light stomach. By doing this, you maximize absorption and facilitate the best effect duration window. 

Yes and Yes! The most efficient way to use Cortex is getting it auto-shipped every 30 days. It actually works perfectly with the cycle strategy for Cortex which is 4 days on, 3 days off, or 5 days on, 2 days off. Canceling is easy and takes about 30 seconds.

The majority of our users notice, within 30 minutes of administration, a strong clean stimulant effect, with powerful undertones of motivation, focus, and energy. Likely, the stack will improve your verbal fluency too!

Cortex is made in a specialized cGMP lab called Nutrascience Labs, located in Farmingdale NY. 

Super easy! Go to Login, and hit the cancel subscription option. You’ll never be charged again, and auto-ship will cease.

In our experience, Cortex stacks well with Caffeine, Teacrine, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam, B vitamins, ALCAR, and Fish or Krill oil.

Cortex Nootropic Stack

Get Cortex on subscription, and save money using the best nootropic stack on the market, delivered to your doorstep, every 30 days. 

FEEL YOUR BRAIN turn on within 25 minutes of dosing.

Subscribe and Save $27.99 a month

Buy the "Best Nootropic Stack" now

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