About Cortex Labs

Cortex Labs is a mental performance optimization company specializing in precision Nootropics usage for business people, entrepreneurs, executives, and productive individuals. We started all the way back in 2014 with the production of our hallmark Nootropic Stack Cortex, and went on to expand our products into 40 countries, consulting fortune 200-500 business people and elite level entrepreneurs. We focus very meticulously on brain performance RESULTS that you can measure, and have a long list of targeted Nootropic products aimed at getting clients/customers high level, sustainable brain performance.

Our products begin all the way from the novice level of using Nootropics, to the elite, Master Class. Our consulting programs take 15 years of specialized knowledge, and put it into actionable, tailored, highly effective protocols for elite level productivity and brain performance.

And we've only just begun. I've got so much more in the works for Cortex Labs, and the Nootropics community as a whole, that the fire has only JUST BEEN LIT under my belly. Onward and Upward, to high level performance and beyond.
Ryan Michael Ballow
Founder/CEO, Cortex Labs
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