Theacrine: a sustainable, powerful, multifaceted nootropic compound

Theacrine is one of the most underrated nootropics there is. Among the echelons of racetams and afinils, I never see Theacrine discussed. And that’s just crazy.

Theacrine is a modified version of caffeine, that has a myriad of additional benefits. It’s a powerful stimulant, with a long half life. But it isn’t quite chemically synthesized in a lab from caffeine. In fact, it accumulates on its own in a plant. Here’s the process:

  1. Caffeine is naturally occurring in a specific plant of the “Camellia” genus.
  2. In that plant, the plant commonly used to make a particular type of tea called “Kucha tea,” the Caffeine metabolizes INTO a substance called Theacrine.
  3. The modifications of the plant, chemically stop there, and Theacrine just sits and accumulates in the plant.

But the two (caffeine and theacrine) are not the same. Theacrine has a similar chemical structure, but added to it through the natural synthesis process explained above is a methyl chemical group. Methyl groups occur in nature, and are attached to many chemical compounds and change the way those compounds interact with an organism, and in this case (seemingly) improving upon caffeine in a variety of ways.

So – Theacrine is Caffeine with a methyl group attached to it. But that methyl group does a lot of interesting things, it seems, like:

  1. Increases the half life considerable. Caffeine may last 2-5 hours, while Theacrine lasts 4-8 or more hours.
  2. Makes the compound more potent. The dose range is 25-200MG, and with small quantities, you can achieve powerful results. My personal dose range is 25-50MG, and I get a substantial improvement in mental energy (and verbal fluency – which is a pleasant addition from merely caffeine).
  3. Makes the compound anti-inflammatory.

Theacrine improves either Dopamine release, or Dopamine functionality through adenosine signaling, like caffeine does.

My experience with Theacrine is as follows:

  1. It onsets within 10-15 minutes. It gives me a clear headed effect, lots of mental energy, and improvements in verbal fluency. It’s really quite remarkable, and IMO, better than standalone caffeine.
  2. It lasts 4-6 hours hours in 50MG + doses, and slightly less with lower doses.
  3. It does not make me anxious in higher doses (75-200MG), as IS the case with caffeine in high doses.
  4. I can stack it with Caffeine, as long as I don’t take the caffeine above 1 cup, or 100-120MG.
  5. It does not seem to give me any side effects. It’s a nice, clean, functional energy.
  6. I do not have problems sleeping when I’ve taken it after 2PM, but before 5PM. After 5PM, it seems to make it a bit harder to fall asleep.
  7. I’ve appropriately cycled (3-4 days on, 2-3 days off), but, I have taken a few weeks to take it 7 days in a row, and did not experience any tolerance from it.

Pretty profound right? Maybe too good to be true. Or maybe, it’s just a powerful nootropic compound. In the video, I explain the mechanisms, my experience, and a whole lot more about the mighty Theacrine. Check it out!!

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