High Level, Targeted Testosterone/Male Hormonal Optimization Consulting


Bottom line? We will work together to supercharge your testosterone and balance hormone levels. And we won’t STOP until we achieve success

Testosterone Plus

$ 199
  • Directed Lab work
  • Testosterone protocol generation
  • Targeted adjustments
  • Estrogen management
  • Energy optimization
  • Sexual performance enhancement
  • Online protocol tracking
  • Guaranteed results


Guided Direction on Testosterone Labs

We’ll send you to the best online labs to test your numbers. If you have very RECENT numbers, we can work from those as well. 

Full Testosterone Enhancing Protocol Creation

Working with Ryan, we will generate a targeted, highly advanced, tailored testosterone program dialed into your specific physiology. 

Protocol Adjustment to Perfection

Going on any Testosterone enhancing protocol requires adjustment. We will work with you, to dial in your total testosterone, free testosterone, and estrogen numbers to the point of maximum impact on energy, libido, erection quality, confidence, focus, and stamina. 

Natural and Non-natural Protocols

Optimizing testosterone is no joke, and we will execute every safe option in our reservoir, to raise your testosterone levels. Some natural, some non-natural. 

Guaranteed results

Testosterone optimization is straight forward. When you hit the right chemistry, execute the right protocols, and have the right lifestyle strategy in place, your testosterone WILL rise. 

How long will it take to raise testosterone?

Depending on the chemical and physiological limitation of why you’re not producing testosterone, the timeframes vary. But generally, you’re looking at a 3-5 month period, within which regimen execution and dialing in leads us to a rise in numbers, and perfection in libido, EQ, stamina, focus, strength, and confidence. However – with some protocols, we can have you dialed in in 1-2 months, and you’ll have the option to take-over from there, or have us continue directing your regimen. The ultimate goal is to have YOU take over, part ways from us, and continue operating optimally. 

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