Reflux/LPR/SIBO Consulting Service (30 days)

The SIBO / GERD / LPR consulting service delivers fast action strategies to combat small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and particularly the type that causes acid reflux and LPR reflux.

This is an hour call with Ryan, our founder, who has successfully battled SIBO induced LPR. In this call, we’ll help you to:

  1. Understand exactly what is causing your reflux
  2. Understand how SIBO is exacerbated
  3. Understand how to strategically combat the ROOT of your reflux and LPR
  4. Understand chemical and food based protocols that eliminate SIBO/GERD/LRP symptoms
  5. Have a strategy to continue to be symptom free thereafter

So – if you want an answer to your reflux problems, especially the LRP type, and it’s caused by SIBO (it is our belief that most reflux is), get this consulting service. What will happen thereafter is:

  1. Our Founder Ryan will reach out to you via email within 72 hours to set up the call. To foster quicker scheduling, email
  2. A skype or phone chat will be had, to help you strategize combatting and beating your reflux/LPR/SIBO.
  3. A well crafted chemical protocol will be given to you, to eliminate symptoms and KEEP them at bay for the foreseeable future.
  4. You and Ryan will work back to back, daily, for 30 straight days through digital correspondence, to refine the protocol and resolve the issue.

This is NOT some elimination diet strategy. To the contrary, it encourages you eat a variety of good food, including complex carbohydrates (which are necessary for the process of KILLING the underlying issue causing your reflux/SIBO symptoms), and offers an extremely easy, strategically targeted supplement protocol.

Order below and let’s banish your symptoms! Get your quality of life back. Purchase below.

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