PSSD Biohacking – BASIC

This is the basic level of our larger, 6 month PSSD service, priced a lot lower, for people that do not have the budget to go for the whole 6 month package,

This service aims to start the process of getting your climax sensation, penis sensitivity, libido, and general sexual function, back to Pre-SSRI levels.

In this basic PSSD consult package, you will get 1 initial fact finding call, a purchase list of chemicals to get, a custom regimen formulated for you to start removing your PSSD symptoms, and 5 follow up adjustments to dial in the regimen(s).

To repair the PSSD state, one has to fully understand the mechanisms that underlie PSSD. Though seemingly elusive in the medical community, the mechanisms are quite clear to me. Deranged Serotonin uptake via SERT down-regulation, 5HT series receptor down-regulation, Serotonin production muting, dopaminergic cell body firing problems, excessive neurotransmitter clearance, and more. All of this is reversible and hackable, via nutraceuticals and research chemicals, that target the right chemistry.

I’ve been working with Men, all around the world, for 5 + years in resolving sexual function issues. Modifying the Serotonin / Dopamine system to regain sexual function is not new to me. Though PSSD’s mechanisms are more complex, I enjoyed the challenge years ago when being recruited by men to solve PSSD, and since then, my clients have enjoyed great success regaining their sexual function back POST SSRIs.


  1. Fact finding call to determine which PSSD type
  2. Examine Testosterone functioning
  3. Ryan puts together custom purchase list, of recovery compounds determined to help remove PSSD symptoms
  4. Custom regimen formulation, and usage directions to client, to get sensation, EQ, climax ability, and libido on par.
  5. 30 follow up telegram correspondences to dial in regimen, and to give further, specific PSSD recovery advice


My experience in helping men with PSSD:

  1. I’ve been working, deep in the research, and with real PSSD sufferers, since 2017.
  2. Despite the consensus on PSSD’d solvability, I’ve seen the condition reversed, with men permanently regaining their sensitivity, climax function, libido, and sexual function.
  3. My knowledge and experience, consulting executives and top business leaders all around the world on neuro-chemistry optimization, has given me a unique insight into PSSD, it’s mechanisms, and symptom removal protocols.
  4. I actively work with, and have worked with many men, achieving significant results in symptom removal and regaining of proper sexual function, both in PSSD and non-PSSD sexual dysfunction.


Who I work with:

  1. Strictly men, who have acquired PSSD, from a known SSRI medication
  2. PSSD sufferers who are willing to be 100% compliant with my recommendations
  3. PSSD sufferers that aren’t breaking the bank to purchase this consult. I will not work with you if paying the consulting fee will jeopardize your financial condition.
  4. Men with PSSD that are mentally stable enough to follow my instructions. Your results depend on YOUR COMPLIANCE.


Next Steps

  1. Purchase the intensive PSSD biohacking service basic
  2. I, Ryan will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule the first call, and discuss initial stack formulations/neurochemistry optimizations to begin with.


If you’d like to discuss this with me, and get on a phone call, please email: ryan at livecortex dot com

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