High Level, Targeted Bio-Performance Consulting

What is it? We design a bulletproof, 

highly targeted, nootropic, supplement, and biohacking regimen, 

targeted toward supercharging your energy and brain performance. 

Nootropics Plus: Details

30-50 Custom tailored, targeted Nootropic stacks

We will work with you to formulate highly targeted, performance enhancing Nootropic stacks, that are tailored to your particular brain.

High performance energy optimization protocols

In addition to using Nootropics for energy, we will also be formulating and having you execute energy specific protocols to supercharge your baseline energy state.

Online Nootropic protocol document

We will create a fully customizable, online stack tracking document. Ryan runs adjustment, you run input. 

Ryan on call

You’ll have priority access to Ryan, to address any issues that may come up along the way, and to optimize every facet of performance.

ERS formulation

The ERS, otherwise known as the “effective rotation schedule” is one of the most important elements in a nootropic regimen. We will ensure you have a rotation schedule that keeps you getting consistent performance enhancement from your roster of stacks.

Targeted sleep enhancement

Sleep is a critical part of performance, AND the response from Nootropics. We will use specialized Nootropics targeted toward effective, long duration, restful sleep.

Chemistry Repair

Chemistry repair, ranging from dopamine burnout, to GABAergic maintenance, to acetylcholine systems repair.

Access to all nootropic courses on request

Free access to Nootropics Ground Zero, Nootropics Master Class, and Nootropics God Course. 


Nootropics Plus

$ 399
  • Nootropic stack Formulation
  • Nootropic Stack overhauling
  • Targeted energy optimization Suggestions
  • Targeted Chemistry repair suggestions
  • Full access to online tracking system
  • 1 day response time
  • Cancel any time at livecortex.com/my-account
  • Have Ryan on call for questions, and to help formulate your energy and nootropics regimens.
  • No large upfront costs
  • You must take notes and implement all protocols
  • Results are 100% based on compliance and reporting

Have a unique situation? Questions? Send us a message and let's get you a custom quote. We'll reply today.

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