Male Sexual Rejuvenation Program


  1. Drastic Improvements in Libido
  2. Supercharged Sex Drive
  3. Powerful Erection Quality Upgrades
  4. High Level Focus
  5. Elite Level Mental Energy
  6. Incredible Sexual Stamina



  1. 1 0n 1 fact finding call with Ryan
  2. Online document generation
  3. Tailored dietary protocols
  4. Tailored supplement protocols
  5. **Tailored neurochemical modulation protocols
  6. Expert protocol adjustment based on results

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To have supercharged libido, erection quality, sex drive, confidence, focus, and hormonal optimization, is the ESSENCE of being a MAN.

Through life, especially as men age, we LOSE our zest for sexual exploration and performance due to a number of key factors. Factors which this program addresses in pristine form. My work in neuroscience and physiological optimization over the years has REVEALED the critical MISSING ELEMENTS to all testosterone and sexual performance enhancing products or courses out there.

You see – it isn’t just about supplementation with testosterone increasing chemicals. It’s about the RIGHT testosterone increasing chemicals. It isn’t about simply shuttling cholesterol into your body, to make testosterone.. it’s about a SPECIFIED diet PROVEN to enhance testosterone.

But IMPORTANTLY – it isn’t even exclusively about Testosterone. I have found, in my 15 years of working with high level, action taking men, that the ONE THING that is missing in all sexual performance enhancing programs is: NEUROTRANSMITTERS.

The brain controls SO MUCH of the sexual function response, down to erection quality and libido. Rejuvenating the various chemical systems in the brain that underly a supercharged sexual response is the KEY CRITICAL FACTOR in restoring sexual performance and stamina in men. With a specific focus on the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Acetylcholine, along with a full hormonal optimization, blood flow, nitric oxide, cholesterol usage, and MORE, the Male Sexual Rejuvenation Program covers ALL BASES in POWERFUL FORM.


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