Consulting with Ryan gives you the help of an expert in neurohacking, testosterone, biohacking, energy optimization, sleep, and MORE, at your fingertips. Ryan specializes in the following things: 

Instructions on how to initiate consultation will be given directly after purchase. Calls take place directly on “telegram,” along with follow up targeted suggestions if applicable.

You will need to take notes and execute the advice given during the call. Most situations can be handled with a 25 minute or 1 hour call.

For more complex situations, that require Ryan to put together targeted regimens for you, purchase the 1 hour + custom regimen formulation consultation  Purchase below


This is a no brainer. I broke myself down trying to go at a problem with my nootropic stacks AND my sexual function alone. One call with Ryan cleared up so much, and I'm now doing 150% better, functioning awesomely.
Ray Lightner
B2B Sales professional


25 MINUTE CALLS: These are best for laying out your situation, and relying on Ryan’s expert advice for your plan of action. Advice on ALL covered subjects can be given on 25 minute calls. 

1 HOUR CALLS: These are best for slightly more complex situations, that require more fact finding and time to determine underlying issues, and understand the complexity of your situation. Advice / Strategy on ALL covered subjects can be given on 1 hour calls

1 HOUR + CUSTOM REGIMEN: This consultation is best for advanced level problems, or advanced requests of Ryan to DESIGN your regimen / solution FOR YOU, for you to just execute thereafter.

ONGOING, MONTHLY CONSULTING: This is the best option if you will require Ryan’s continuous help. Some things you can and should go at alone, with Ryan’s expert advice. Other things, you should have Ryan on board, monitoring your results, and adjusting regimen / protocol details along the way. This option covers ongoing monitoring/adjustment, for more targeted results.

PSSD BIOHACKING SERVICE: For PSSD, you certainly CAN book one single call, and Ryan will give you targeted advice for recovering PSSD, but all PSSD regimens SHOULD have monitoring and adjusting regimens for optimal results. Some people are fully comfortable going at it alone, with the right DIRECTION. Others require an expert consultant for the matter, which this service is for.

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