Consulting with Ryan gives you the help of an expert in neurohacking, testosterone, biohacking, energy optimization, sleep, and MORE, at your fingertips. Ryan specializes in the following things: 

Instructions on how to initiate consultation will be given directly after purchase. Calls take place directly on “telegram,” along with follow up targeted suggestions if applicable. Onboarding for all consults/programs takes place within 24 hours of purchase. 



I'm an entrepreneur that runs 2 companies. It's my life. I started recognizing my performance was falling off. Booked a 6 month program with Ryan, and 3 weeks in, I'm ALREADY feeling a thousand percent better. Energy is back, brain is firing on all cylinders, my mood is great, and my beast mode has returned! This consult gave me my zest (and life) back. The value I've gotten so far, is worth the entire consult.
Michael J. Braughn
Global E-Commerce Entrepreneur


  1. 30 Minute call: To get expert level advice for your situation, book a call for 30 minutes. We can get a LOT done with this option, and can make a major dent in your situation, whether we’re optimizing physiology, fixing a problem, or just providing an expert opinion on what your route of action should be moving forward.
  3. Mindset Optimization Call – 45 minutes – Mindset drives your SUCCESS IN LIFE. Dive deep into what makes me successful, and let me consult YOU on having an iron clad mindset, to get things done in life. I am a very unorthodox entrepreneur, and I’ve built many businesses from nothing, to large, globally recognized companies. There are CERTAIN DISTINCTIONS that successful people have made, that allow them to advance in the world of money, success, finance, and achievement. Enter the world of success and mindset motivation with this call. Let me consult you on having an iron clad mindset.
  5. 3 Month/6 Month 1 on 1 Package: Applicable mainly to Nootropic regimen formulation, but also open for other longer standing issues that need resolution or optimization. Some issues require ongoing monitoring, adjustment, and continued regimen formulation/suggestions. Ryan consults pro sports players, famous actors, high level business men, and other specialists in their field on PEAK brain capacity and function, sexual enhancement, dopamine restoration, and more.


    These packages also includes recovery of sexual function (MALE) and optimization, long standing ongoing neurotransmitter/brain performance problems, and otherwise longstanding issues that need continued bio-engineering to resolve.

NOTE: We do not accept payment plans for the 3 and 6 month programs. If finances are holding you back at any capacity, you’re not a good fit for us

  1. TRT Protocol Optimization: This consulting program is strictly for men on TRT, that need help dialing in their protocols to perfection. Whether it’s getting the perfect Testosterone to Estradiol ratio, removing side effects from TRT, regaining libido/erection function while on TRT, or any otherwise issue, this option has you covered. Ryan has worked with scores of men to dial in their testosterone protocols, and has a tailored, unique approach to getting it right. Feel and function awesome with this consulting option, on TRT. 

  2. PSSD: This consult is strictly for men with post SSRI sexual dysfunction. To make this more affordable, we recently shifted to a monthly payment option, for what will be a minimum of 6 months. If you’re not ok with a 6 month commitment (and usually more), Ryan will not work with you, and we’d ask for you NOT to purchase a consult.

    To get better from PSSD takes TIME, and usually lots of it.

    It is not a quick process, there is no singular compound approach that’s going to “work,” and there is no MAGIC CURE for PSSD. There is only hard work, semi-frequent blood testing, teasing symptoms out, and addressing ALL elements, both neurotransmitter and hormonal, of optimal sexual function. 

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